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Monday, December 31, 2012

PROFILE: John Jacobson, the "Double Dream Hands Guy"

John Jacobson is someone who is not just passionate about teaching but the joy that comes from learning. For many, however, they have gotten to know him as the "Double Dream Hands Guy" thanks to a video posted on Youtube that has become a viral sensation with over 6 million hits. (Even Justin Bieber has gotten in on the action, creating a viral hit with over 1 million hits itself!)

In an interview on Conversations LIVE John told host Cyrus Webb that it has been a great journey for him to have so much attention given to this one video when he has been doing this type of dance instruction for over 30 years. Jacobson has been working with young people and music teachers around the country to use music and movement to teach life skills. One kid took one of his videos and posted it on Youtube, and the rest is history.

It is obvious to see that this is one individual who realizes the importance of the public platform he has been given. Though marketing and branding has taken the "Double Dream Hands Guy" fame to a level John could not have imagined, it has also opened him up to a different audience and given more attention to the joy of music and the importance of living life with a smile.

Another project that John has done is share his inspirational message about life and living in a book called A PLACE IN THE CHOIR where he is able to use lessons he has picked up on to help others understand their own worth. He says it is as a result of meeting some of the youth and music teachers around the country that the book came about. He says that the book shows through their stories that he is able to show that just like a school choir is a place for people of all walks of life to come together in unity so is the world that we live in. "There are no bench warmers in the choir. Everybody has a place," he says. "Everybody's contribution is equally valued if we truly are going to have a harmonious world."

John wants to use beautiful music to make beautiful children, and he encourages all of us to do the same. Find out more information about how he is making the world a better place through music and dance at

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