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Monday, August 13, 2012

Model Citizen's Cover Girl: Nahid Samandari

by Cyrus Webb

Her very life is prof positive of what can be accomplished with hard work and dedication. Born in Tehran, Nahid Samandari has had to make tough choices in order to have a better life for not only herself but her six children as well.

The fifty-seven (57) year old has lived in the United States since Feb. 1989, and she has taken advantage of every opportunity possible to pursue her love of modeling and acting. 

Conversations Magazine learned of Nahid in the summer of 2011, and we knew that we had to showcase not only her beauty but amazing life story as well.

Nahid, first of all thank you for allowing Conversations Magazine to have this opportunity. One thing that is apparent when people see you in pictures is not just your beauty but the confidence you have. Where does your confidence come from?
Thank you, Cyrus, for wanting to talk with me. I think that, for me, confidence is something I have always had. I can honestly say that I have never felt lonely in my life. When people stay lonely and they isolate themselves the confidence goes away. We face so many different attitudes and ideas. I respect that, but you have to know who you are. I love to learn, and that is what I feel is part of being a student on the earth. We are forever learning.

Confidence is one thing but staying inspired and motivated is another. What keeps you motivated as you pursue your dreams?
What keeps me motivated in life to pursue my dreams is that I will make a great change in other people's lives and help them more when I am successful in the future. 

You are obviously a beautiful woman, Nahid. How important is it for you to be just as appealing on the inside as you are perceived on the outside?
I believe beauty comes from the inside. That's where it all starts. If you don't work on your goal things are not going to pay off for themselves. The way you look is not the important thing. What's important is what you are doing with your life and what you have to give. 

You mentioned earlier about helping others through your success. Why has it been important for you to support other people and to help others?
Because I believe we are on the earth to help others in the world. We all go through hardships, but it can be made easier when we are looking out for others other than myself. That's why I live my life in a way so that I can be of assistance to others. 

I talk alot with people about their idea of success. What does success mean for you?
Success is whatever your goal in life is. Success is what you want to do and what result you want to get. It can be about how you raise your kid, doing the best you can in a relationship, communication or whatever you want to do well.

Thank you again, Nahid, for your time. It goes without saying that I wish you nothing but continued success and blessings. Last question: What advice do you have for others who are also looking to be successful following their passion?
I would tell them to never let go of their dreams and work hard in order to accomplish their aspirations. If they do that then in time their hard work will pay off, and their dreams will be sure to come true.

You can stay in contact with Nahid and her amazing work at

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